how it works 

Book your place to take part 

Step 1

Book your place

Step 2

Create artwork

Artwork can be either landscape or portrait 

We recommend artwork is completed on A4

Avoid using thin white paper 

The Chameleon design team scan and upload images ready to be viewed and orders placed 

Step 3

Artwork Scanned

Parents personalise and place orders online 

Payments are made online through our secure payment provider

Step 4

Place orders online 

All cards and gift items are produced in-house before going through our quality control process

Step 5

All Products Printed 

Products are delivered back to the school within class and pupil order

Step 6

Products delivered back to the school

Children receive their orders to share with family and friends

Step 7

Children receive their orders

Fundraising is either paid by bank transfer or Cheque 

The choice is yours

Step 8

Fundraising paid 



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