How it works

Creative play helps school-age children express themselves, explore ideas, solve problems and see things in new ways. Children often like to use simple props in their dramatic play.  A better understanding of colours, shapes and pattens lets children communicate feelings and ideas.

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Step 1


via book now or email

Confirm schedule collection of artwork and delivery of finished goods.

Project pack will be despatched 

Promotional Media supplied

Step 2

Create Artwork

Artwork can be either landscape or portrait 

We recommend A4 in size

Paper or Card

Step 3

Artwork Scanned

Chameleon Team will scan

ALL artworks and upload images ready to view within the shop

Step 4

Place orders online

Parents personalise and

place orders online

through our secure shop

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Step 5

All Products Produced

All cards and gift items are produced in-house before going through our quality control process

Step 6

Products delivered back to the school 

items packaged with class then pupil order

Step 7

Orders received


Children receive their

orders to share with family and friends

Step 8

Fundraising Paid


Once bank tab on

Organisers portal check

with be made to ensure the bank details match

Once verified payment is